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Face mask - Geo fuchsia
Face mask - Geo fuchsia
Face mask - Geo fuchsia

Face mask - Geo fuchsia

Finki Handmade
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Fun, colourful face masks, handmade in Melbourne, Australia.

Featuring a vibrant fuchsia and yellow geometric print on the front with a co-ordinated print on the back.

3 layers:

•Inner layer - 100% cotton. 
•Middle layer -  Non woven polyester. 
•Outer layer - Cotton or poly/cotton blend.

Each mask is a 100% Re-usable, washable face mask. 

They are shaped to provide room under the eyes for those that wear glasses, with a curved area across the nose and cheek.

Each mask has a casing on the inner lining,  which I’ve inserted a 6mm bendy wire pipe cleaner into, so you can squeeze the wire and get a snug fit over your nose.

There is one continuous stretch jersey strip used for the tie, so you can place the hoop over your head, then tie the loose ends at the back of your neck. I found this a better fit than the ones that just hooked behind your ears.

Having the adjustable loop, allows you to move the strip up and down, for a looser or tighter fit depending on the head size.

Adult size: Measuring 25cm, from ear to ear and 16cm from nose to chin.

Please remember that these masks are not intended as a replacement for surgical masks and should not be considered as PPE (personal protective equipment).

Wash and care instructions: 
•Machine wash your mask in a delicates bag or pillowcase in cold\warm water with detergent.  
(Putting it in a bag will help keep the ties in place, and ensure they don’t get tangled up in the washing machine) •Hang on the line to dry. 
•Can go in the dryer (In a delicates bag) on low heat. 
•Can be ironed on a low heat if needed.

Make sure you wash your mask after each outing. 

Masks are made in Melbourne by Jay at Finki.