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Betsy Blonde crystal earrings - Prehnite 1
Betsy Blonde crystal earrings - Prehnite 1

Betsy Blonde crystal earrings - Prehnite 1

Betsy blonde
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The beautiful Betsy Blonde crystal earrings have become my absolute go to, when I feel the need to be grounded and connected to nature in some small way. 

Handmade in a little studio based in the Otway forest by Jacqueline Betsy Lord, the wires of recycled sterling silver are hand forged and threaded through the crystal, creating such a simple yet elegant earring. 

The sterling silver wires are 3.5cm long and the Prehnite  is 3cm long x 1cm wide. 

Each image is the exact pair you’ll receive as we update the images each time a new delivery comes in. 

Each pair is unique and you’ll notice each pair is not an exact pair. We like to call them sisters. From the same the family, but individual in character. 

When choosing crystals for Finki, we choose colour, irregular shapes and we love inclusions in the stone, which are all the cracks and flecks. 

We feel the closer they are to how they were found, the better.
So you won’t find the highly ground and polished, faultless ones here. 

Imperfections are what make them perfect.